Besides her common concern for the good of all men and her special regard to her family and relations, she would show upon all occasions (when her own health would allow it) a very compassionate concern for the sick and afflicted.

Though in some cases it was very noisome[1] as well as dangerous, yet she took pleasure in visiting the sick as it gave her an opportunity of inquiring into the state of their souls and impressing upon them the concerns of religion, and improving the alarms of God upon their consciences, for future watchfulness and reformation. And however matters appeared upon such private inquiries and conversation with any, she would always after that bring them into her closet and spread them before the Lord, and pray them over, and observe what answers she had to such prayers.

How much knowledge and skill soever she attained in the practice of physic[2] by long conversation and experience, yet she was always very distrustful of herself in any chronical cases, and hardly persuaded to direct without better advice, till the poverty of patients and their great importunity compelled her to it. When God gave her success, she always acknowledged it with great thankfulness to him that he should own so weak an instrument in the preservation of human lives: and the instances of such successes in most places where she had lived were not easily numbered.

[1] Noxious to health; offensive to the senses.

[2] Medicine.

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