Carbon Capture

Beware the Miliband brothers. Both are ministers of state in the British government. David Miliband, Foreign Secretary, and formerly Secretary of State for the Environment, stated that ‘climate change’ is a greater threat than terrorism, and that those who deny that man is causing climate change should be denied free speech.

People say there should be a debate about global warming. But I tell you the debate is over; the reckoning has begun…and those who deny it are the flat-earthers of the 21st century.

When we hear that, we know that the issue is no longer one of honest scientific endeavour – it is one of totalitarian control. The Milibands will have been well versed in totalitarian principles, treachery and lies – their father was a notorious Marxist and professor of politics, buried close to Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery, and their grandfather served in the Soviet Red army, a traitor who joined the invading force against his native country, Poland. They both lied to UK immigration officers. A Home Office report of March 8, 1949 states

Miliband, father and son, have so misrepresented the case…we can place no reliance on their statements.

David Miliband’s brother, Ed Miliband, has been granted the ridiculous-sounding portfolio of Energy and Climate Change, and yesterday he legally bound the UK to reduce carbon emissions by 80%. Normally, a government department with a long and cumbersome name is known by its primary business, in this case the Department for Energy, but it has been noticeable that the BBC, an agent very much in the vanguard of promoting liberal political agendas and pseudo-science, has been referring to the government department as the ‘Department of Climate Change’, to the extent that MPs themselves were referring to the minister in the House of Commons yesterday as the ‘Climate Change Minister’. So complete has been the Carbon Capture of our society.

Yesterday, at a meeting of European leaders, when the financial crisis is the worst it has been since the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the ‘Climate Change’ minister committed the government to a highly deleterious policy. In the scale of things, the financial meltdown is only just a little transient difficulty, you see, and politicians must not lose sight of the real issue – climate change. Since the financial ‘fix’ does not seem to be working (which currently affects real lives, real jobs, real property, in real time – not mere hypotheticals), the state postures to appear messianic by making a bold gesture to ‘save the planet’, which will, in fact, make everyone’s lives a great deal worse in the short, medium and long term, and set back the prospects of economic recovery.

There is not a scrap of evidence that man-made carbon dioxide is causing significant climate change, and there is no sound physics that it could cause significant climate change on our planet (be patient – this will be established in future posts). However, given the funding, political backing and propaganda that this ‘greenhouse gas’ has attracted, it would be just as easy to convince the population that we are in imminent danger of being invaded by extraterrestrials, and so need to give the government unlimited powers to save the planet and incarcerate dissenters. The Foreign Secretary’s portfolio should perhaps be extended to be the Secretary of State for Foreign and Extraterrestrial Affairs, but folks are not ready for that just yet.

Not yet, but when the passage of time – perhaps 10 years – allows the full weight of the evidence to stack up for the ‘global warming’ issue to be seen as the biggest con trick of all time, there will need to be some other scare manufactured to keep people ‘all their lifetime subject to bondage through fear of death’. If it is no longer the Red Peril, or Mutually Assured Destruction, or CFC ozone layer depletion, or Weapons of Mass Destruction, or Islamic terrorism, or Anthropogenic Global Warming, then maybe it will be an invasion of unfriendly extraterrestrials – who knows?

It has happened before, within living memory: in Nazi Germany, the population were duped, including with pseudo-science, to believe that Jews and blacks were morally inferior and the cause of all of the world’s ills, so had to be destroyed. Ultimately, of course, the German people came to realize how deceived they had been, and how the rise of fascism, with its messianic promise, was the greatest evil of them all. But what a terrible cost in loss of life, liberty and prosperity to realize that!

The Milibands – themselves the sons of Polish Jews whose wider family perished in Auschwitz – should know better.


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  1. 1 wormthatturned October 20, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    and… even if one conforms to conventional AGW science, it would cost $900 trillion to prevent a 1C rise in global temperatures through carbon capture schemes.Bargain?

    Also, worth a view on the Milibands:

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